Monday, March 20, 2017

Crummy Monday Picture

It has been a tough week around here....too much sadness, not to mention the foot or so of snow that was dumped on us on Tuesday/Wednesday.  I've been working a bit on the Judith Kirby Victorian, and here is a pic of my progress.  I blame artificial light and a cell phone camera for the crummy picture...although maybe it is just a reflection of life at the moment....

The fabric is more blue than it appears, but I'm tired of monkeying with it!  I've finished the rest of the tree trunk since I took this picture, but boy, those greens at the top are frustrating.  There are at least 4 different shades, and they are very confetti-like in their placement.  But it is getting there!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Mermaid Mini

A couple years ago, I stitched this piece from the Cricket Collection.  And while I have no intention of stitching the whole thing a second time, I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the pattern.

Evidently, this is why...
I always loved the little mermaid, to the right of the lighthouse in the larger piece.  And after discovering the whole "pocketwatch" finishing trend, I figured out how to make her fit perfectly (I used 32-ct. fabric, and modified the waves a little bit).  I also changed her hair to something a bit more brown, and added beads in place of stitches for her bra/top.  Then toss in a sprinkling of turquoise glass beads, and voila!

I think I will take this, along with the larger piece, to my LNS next month, when they've asked me to do a kind of "trunk show" of different kinds of finishing techniques.  We'll see if that turns into any requests for classes or workshops...gulp.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

A non-stitching finish

I've shared this project a few times, but now it is completely finished and ready to be gifted to my 5 year old niece.
I found the squares at the thrift store, and paid about $2.50 for all 6 of them.  Especially from a distance like this, you can tell that the original crafter had some difficulties with the assembly...but I think it adds to the charm.  I squared it all up as best I could with the brown fabric and orange borders, and had it quilted by a local longarm shop.  My niece's favorite color is orange, and the back is an orange teardrop design that reminds me a bit of peacock feathers.
The finished size is larger than a crib quilt, but not quite a twin (the pictures were taken on the work table in the library!).  I think the measurements from my receipt were 47" x 63".  I figure it will be a cute bed topper or throw, or something to curl up with while reading on the couch...and when/if she outgrows the little animals, she can flip it over to the "feather" side.

And here is what I am most proud of...I hand-stitched the binding down on the back side.
The lady at the quilt shop would have done it, but it would have cost an additional $30.  So when she offered to teach me to do it myself, it seemed silly to say no....although I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who enjoy this step of the process!  But I can say I know how now.  And these corners make me very happy.  :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Smalls SAL

This was one of three small literary-inspired designs by Emma Congdon, from the September 2016 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy.  (I bought a digital copy of the magazine on Zinnio - only a few dollars versus the $10+ that UK magazines usually cost here in the States, so I could justify stitching only one pattern from it.)  It is designed with a hot air balloon in the top right, but I found a charm that seemed appropriate and used that instead.  I was inspired by someone who posted this on Facebook....they had used a little dragon charm in place of the balloon.  My charm reads "Follow Your Arrow" and has a a sparkly arrow attached.  I tried a couple colored fabrics with this, but I like the clean lines and the way the colors pop on the white!

After seeing Honeybee's recent posts on changing colors in designs, I'm thinking about documenting/featuring some of the changes I've made over the years.  Stay tuned!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Facebook made me do it

Like many other stitchers, I've joined a bunch of stitch-related groups over on the Book of Faces.  And when I saw this design posted several times over there...well....I had to have it.
This is from the September 2016 issue of "Cross Stitch Crazy," designed by Emma Congdon.  It is one of my favorite Tolkien quotes,so there was no way I could resist!  It isn't terribly big, and I'm hoping to have it finished for this month's Smalls check-in.  One of the finishes I saw had substituted a teeny dragon charm for the hot air balloon in the upper right of the design - I'm going to add a charm that says "follow your arrow."  Other than that, though, I'm stitching it as charted.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Minding my needles

I admit it, I've jumped on the needleminder band wagon.  :D

I don't have TOO many (yet!), but I can see that changing, as I've found a use for the one thing my husband gets in his Lootcrates that he doesn't usually want....lapel pins!!
I was pretty pleased.  I removed the big stick pin from the back with pliers, then sanded it down smooth with my Dremel.  I got my magnets at Hobby Lobby - I think they were the 1/2" diameter size craft magnets (silver, not the black ceramic ones) - and attached one using E6000 clear adhesive.  Easy peasy!  And suitably nerdy.  Since he gets both the general Lootcrate the Firefly-themed one, I was thinking about making more and possibly selling them on eBay or Etsy.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Another small finish and some progress

Last Monday I had a medical appointment in Rochester, NY, and after I was done with that, I Googled "cross stitch shops near me."  :D  And wouldn't you know it, I was only 5 minutes away from Golden Thread Needlearts!  They don't have a website that I can share.  But I did spend a happy hour wandering around, and left with a few items.  One of them was Bent Creek's "Cozy" - and here it is, completely finished.
I substituted for just about every color, I think.  And the finish is in an old coaster that I found in a bin of cast-off things here at the college last summer when people were cleaning out their offices.  (I have 3 more, so you might see more smalls finished this way!)

And here is an update on "Summer Sunset."
(Excuse the crummy indoor phone photo.)  I love this, although it is kind of slow going with all the color changes.