Friday, April 28, 2017

Smalls SAL - April

In addition to the pillows in the last post, this month I stitched up this little tin topper design from Samplers and Such.  Here is "Kokopelli Sunset," posing with the tin that it will eventually top.
I stitched it as charted with DMC, and the sun button was included with the chart.  I did use some generic turquoise beads from Michaels, rather than buying the Mill Hills that were listed.

Now, off to pack and plan for Celebration next week!!!

ETA: a few people have asked about 1) how to finish a tin and 2) what to do with it afterwards.  :)  Here is another post with one of my tin projects:
Stitching Lady Tin Topper
And one more, a Halloween exchange.
Hilda & Frankie

So it looks like I usually put small scissors in the tins.  You could also use them for needles, beads, buttons...or you could refill them with mints, I suppose!

The finishing itself is simple, but a bit fiddly.  I make a finishing form out of matboard, a bit smaller than the tin top.  Check this several times to make sure your stitched piece fits the way you want!  Then I add some batting, and lace the stitched piece to it.  Glue it to the tin with some adhesive (I've used everything from Aleene's to E6000 - it all depends on how much patience you have/how much fiddling you want to do before it sets!), and add some cording or ribbon for a finished edge.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pillows Everywhere

Last year my mom asked me for a "little something" to put in a basket for a raffle prize at one of my dad's National Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation dinners (evidently in addition to the guns and trips and hunting gear, they have a separate table of "ladies" prizes).  So I stitched a teacup and made it into a pillow, and we added an antique teacup, some fancy teas, and a gift certificate to....Barnes & Noble?  Target?  Anyway, somewhere.  THIS year, she wants to do a gardening-themed basket, so I pillowified something I stitched a couple years ago.
It is a Rosewood Manor greeting card design called "With In."  I like it, but the quote is not definitively an Emerson quote, so I don't mind giving it away!  (I know, I know, Crazy Person Logic.  Still, you are talking about the stitcher who modified a sampler because a quote had been paraphrased.)  The backing fabric is the same as the bow.

And then I pulled out this little kit and decided it was time to finish it, too.  This is an exclusive kit from Summer House Stitche Works, called "Pretty Maids."  The package is marked "2015 Celebration of Needlework," so I'm not sure if it is available anywhere else anymore.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Rising From the Ashes

I was rooting around in the spare room closet the other day, and found "Family Treasure III" hiding in there.  I decided it needed some love, so I took it out and finished my lazy daisy flowers (the pattern  had little heart-shaped things there, but I didn't like them).

This isn't even halfway done, and I have no idea how long it will take at this point.  There are many bands of flower-like things to go, and they are all in regular cross stitch, which gets monotonous!  So then I get creative, and start changing things...and then I get annoyed with the fiddliness of the changes....and so it goes.  :)

Friday, March 31, 2017

March Smalls SAL Check-in

Hooray, another small!  In addition to the mermaid pocket watch that I posted earlier this month, I also stitched AND finished a little scissor fob.
I stitched and finished the little lady into a scissor pocket last year, and kept the pattern book out intending to make the flower basket portion of that pattern into a coordinating fob...but never got around to it.  Well, I finally decided to do something about that project this month!  I stitched the little basket over-one on some some of that cheap, not-quite-square evenweave, and filled it with crushed walnut shells.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What I've Been Up To

(Not much, really.)

I haven't made much progress on the Kirby contractor was supposed to be coming this week to update my kitchen, but his countertop guy is behind schedule.  Because I was expecting him on Monday, I packed up my stitching nook on Sunday night!  (You have to walk past it to get to the kitchen, and I didn't want contractors tromping around my pretties more than necessary.)  So I pulled out a small to work on - a kokopelli tin topper design by Samplers & Such.  I can't find a good picture online.

Last night I made the mistake of watching "The Little Prince" on Netflix... *sniffle sniffle*  I thought it was really well done!  But now I'm obsessed with finding Little Prince-related things to stitch.  I already have Cricket Collection's "Works of the Heart I," which has the "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” quote.  Since it will be a while before I actually get to stitch that, I suppose I need to keep my clicky finger in check...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Crummy Monday Picture

It has been a tough week around here....too much sadness, not to mention the foot or so of snow that was dumped on us on Tuesday/Wednesday.  I've been working a bit on the Judith Kirby Victorian, and here is a pic of my progress.  I blame artificial light and a cell phone camera for the crummy picture...although maybe it is just a reflection of life at the moment....

The fabric is more blue than it appears, but I'm tired of monkeying with it!  I've finished the rest of the tree trunk since I took this picture, but boy, those greens at the top are frustrating.  There are at least 4 different shades, and they are very confetti-like in their placement.  But it is getting there!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Mermaid Mini

A couple years ago, I stitched this piece from the Cricket Collection.  And while I have no intention of stitching the whole thing a second time, I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the pattern.

Evidently, this is why...
I always loved the little mermaid, to the right of the lighthouse in the larger piece.  And after discovering the whole "pocketwatch" finishing trend, I figured out how to make her fit perfectly (I used 32-ct. fabric, and modified the waves a little bit).  I also changed her hair to something a bit more brown, and added beads in place of stitches for her bra/top.  Then toss in a sprinkling of turquoise glass beads, and voila!

I think I will take this, along with the larger piece, to my LNS next month, when they've asked me to do a kind of "trunk show" of different kinds of finishing techniques.  We'll see if that turns into any requests for classes or workshops...gulp.